Mothers and Daughters

Mothers-and-daughtersBased in Toulouse, France and with branches in other parts of Europe, Comptoir des Cotonniers is a specialist women’s attire company. It stocks and sells moderate and high end attire for women of all walks of life. The company occasionally organized a modeling events in October 2008 which left mothers and daughters stunned!

That day, October 26th 2008 will forever remain memorable for the women of different ages who were in attendance. The America’s mother and daughter pairs who were able to come to the Soho Flagship on that particular Sunday had the privilege of being flown to Paris, France for a photo shoot that was broadcast live all over the world. They also had a chance of taking part in the Comptoir des Cotonniers fashion show which was held in the Spring/Summer 2009.

Mothers-daughtersThe occasion’s requirements were pretty simple-attend wearing your best attire accompanied by either your mother or daughter. After its success in the market, Comptoir des Cotonniers came up with a contest which could help increase the number of its customers.

Comptoir des Cotonniers organized a contest not yet seen anywhere before by inviting mothers and their daughters enter a contest which would allow them win coupons, musical compilations of the brands that are on sale and coupons among many others.

The event popularized the boutique and still remains something which fashion enthusiasts and event planners keep talking about. Because their mission is to provide a free and open minded generation of women, scattered across various generation a contemporary definition of what fashion is all about, the boutique definitely has something for everyone regardless of your taste.

Mothers and daughters were intended at helping women of different generations-the mothers and the daughters share something of massive aesthetic value.

Mothers_daughtersIt’s a rarity to have a program that wants the daughter and the mother to come forward and compete with each other in the world of fashion. It helps create a competition among mothers and daughters of blood and heart which could even help in building their long term relationship.